222UT Changelog

Changelog 3-1-20

  • Flat pitch set to “0” from “+3” (fine and coarse pitch props 1 tab planemaker)

  • Vibrations code adjusted to dampen (animations xlua)

  • Foil Specs Vert Stab incidence adjusted and increased cord (Vert Stab 1 and 2 planemaker)

  • Engine gear ratio for tail rotor adjusted to help with torque (engines 2 planemaker)

  • adjusted rotor pitch with speed (planemaker rotors tab)

  • Changed rotor pitch numbers (planemaker rotors tab)

  • Instruments OBJ adjustments, optimizations of objects within

  • Tweaked artificial stability system (planemaker art stab)

  • Trim ball adjustments in INST OBJ dataref change and numbers adjusted (hopefully not backwards lol)

  • Changes rotor brake ratio to make it stronger and a bit of code since seemed to be broken when start up running = 1

Flight Dynamics Target with changes above = Joe H’s suggestions. Seems to need a tiny bit of right peddle at speed now, changes to the vertical stabilizer seemed to make it feel like there is one (important lol). Also, as noted by almost everyone, the torque should be more realistic with a lot more left peddle needed with my setup anyways. Joe K toned down my numbers in the vibration code. Much better. Also, the rotor brake seemed week as noted by Joe K. It’s a bit stronger now.

It flies completely different now to me. Hoping a bit in the right direction as I’m trying to interpret the amazing input.

Seems like a fresh flight is needed to have things running right when start up running is selected. Otherwise ctrl + shift + E for autostart. Things will be wonky as it progresses and I’m using developer reload A LOT of course.

Sorry if this is a mess of words but I’m tired hahaha

Uploading the final result for today after posting this. I will always upload the new zip folder to the website through FTP for ease and the file name will always be the same while testing here. Otherwise I have to log in and change the name every time and it’s fast to just use the FTP client and throw the new files in there. You can just log into your account on cowansim.com and go to downloads and it will be updated. I will also let you all know right when I upload a new version.

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New files uploaded to server 3-1-20, 10:41PM on this side of the world :slight_smile:

If anyone is hanging around here today then I will upload an update later. Of course while getting input things might changed drastically but this is what I want. If I can make you all happy then there is a chance others will be happy. The goal. So far working on some sounds and what I can come up with for writing blade slap code in SASL. I could get deeper but just “slapping” something together today :slight_smile: Just adding sounds for certain pitch and roll that gets loud as it increases but I think quiet enough to not be annoying. We shall see. Lots of work on the flight model too. It changed quite a bit today, again, but I’m happy with the results and glad I got good feedback to work with so far. Have to run and get my kids quick so will be back at it later. The issue with too much cyclic authority at zero pitch should be crushed in the next update. Thanks for helping!!!

Too much at once today haha. Won’t have enough time to finish it.

Okay, yesterday and this mornings changes, very many changes, to the flight model are now live and available for download. It’s a whole different animal and I love it. I tested in VR. I only use a Joystick. That will be changing soon. But, I see the results vary a tad with us all. Today I will be working on several things. The main beings sounds. It sounds great on my desktop with a bass speaker and all but in VR it sounds kinda icky lol. I went over all the sound files and the loops meet back at zero with no crackle. So I still think this is a SASL “isSamplePlaying” if false “playSample” technique issue. Also going to stop certain sounds when at enough RPM the rotor/engine sounds wash them out anyways. FMOD in the future Joe K. :wink: I’m at 1200 lines of code for sounds now so I’m invested in SASL for now :slight_smile: I could be wrong but I plan to figure it out today. Also does anybody have a suggestion on testers? Very trustworthy person with time. Possibly a real pilot also? Open to suggestions but want it limited due to these unsecured crap copies I’m sending out for you all :slight_smile:

I think I found the crackle noise and it’s not from using the isSamplePlaying in SASL. I used headphones to check all the sound clips and makes a world of difference. I find that the inside main prop sound is annoying. I’m sure you all agree? I have to change it or clean it up at least. I guess this is more of a change blog than a simple changelog. When you guys are back and have time let me know what you think. In the meantime I will stay BUSY on this all day and night. :slight_smile:

Successful ILS approach and flight with today’s work on the autopilot. Will probably upload an update tonight since I have gotten quite a bit further on all aspects.

If you get a chance download the updated UT then do it! It’s about 1:30 am here and been a busy bee. I got a lot done and sorry I got into the “zone” and didn’t even stop to write up details. Test out the autopilot and catch a glideslope or two haha. Lots of sound additions including blade slap. You all are busy people too I see. If you have time try it out. Thanks

I’m flying at work al week, so I won’t get to it until friday the soonest. Looking forward to seeing the changes!

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@GunPilot64E Awesome you get some fly time at work! Have fun man!

Yesterday and today I have written some idle stop, start assist code along with many many other changes that unfortunately I have been not keeping track of for you guys. The manual will have all the info you need. I should make a video to show the procedures. I will get to that. The start assist and idle stop are 99% functional. I still have a bit of code that doesn’t want to work the only the number one throttle but works fine with number 2. No big deal I will figure it out. You will have to hit the idle stop switch left or right to release the throttle past idle. In the real one there is a 5 second delay and then it locks again. For some reason when I add timers to the code it gets fussy. Maybe because I’m using custom commands and datarefs for it all. The start assist is used for cold weather starts and adds and extra 20lbs per hour of fuel flow while holding the switch left or right for each engine. It’s in kg/second so I have it set to add .0025 kg/sec and that = 20 lbs/hr. I will upload this version right now. Remember all a work in progress :slight_smile: Might be bugs I didn’t get to and have not tested in every situation. Autopilot needs testing too. Insane how much goes into these things!!! Brain TWISTED. Oh and I also reached out to someone about some sounds and the person agreed to let me use them today. So the main rotor interior sounds changed. Also coded up some pretty sweet vibrations to go with that bladeslap. I have to test VR out a lot more as well when it comes to sounds and I think the RPM inc/dec wasn’t working for me in VR hahah. Enoy guys. Hope you all have a break this weekend. UPLOADING NOW!

Looking forward to checking it out today! Finally get home from trip A. Trip B doesn’t leave until Monday morning so will have time later to jump in and give her another look over.

I think I’ll download soon on my laptop just to peruse through your new code. Because I’m a nerd

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@SergioCosta @GunPilot64E @Joe-K_SimVRlabs @OzWookiee @BelGeode … Uploaded the most recent build. Lot’s more done so far this week.

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Busy at work this week, I’ll download it, but won’t be able to touch it until Friday the soonest.

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@GunPilot64E Sounds good! Thank you sir :slight_smile: