222B v1 & 222UT v2 updates:


Hi Again,

I’ve had some time to test today. The persistence file is all working as expected. The tablet config is written to the persistence file correctly. So there are no problems there at all. The code reads this file on aircraft load and WRITES to this file on aircraft unload. So if X-Plane crashes or something else goes wrong then this file does not get written to, thus settings not saved. For this file to be written to, changing aircraft or shutting down needs to have worked as it’s supposed to. This is the only thing I can think of that would have caused this for you, other than simple human error. The code is solid, but if you can reproduce this error then let me know.

As far as command changes, refer to the change-log. I should have mentioned that the landing lights, “spot” search light, “beacon” Collision lights and “nav” Position Lights were changed to the DEFAULT commands.

Search Light changed to: “sim/lights/spot_lights_toggle”

Collision lights changed to default: “sim/lights/beacon_lights_toggle”

Position lights changed to default: “sim/lights/nav_lights_toggle”

Landing lights changed to default: “sim/lights/landing_lights_toggle”

If you search for those in your joystick/keyboard settings that will fix your issue and combine to ONE switch/button. Just remember they are default and not in the 222 section. Every update I explain everything once in the change-log and that saves a lot of precious time if people read it. Here is a link to the change-log. https://cowansim.com/change-log/

Working on a way to make the MANUAL more obvious. Also, keeping an eye out for that mysteriously rare GPS/RADIOS translucent lines. I work on these helicopters every day and this hasn’t happened to me in months, so it could take time. Hopefully you can figure out the networking issue.

Thanks again,


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And again hi there… Well an extra 500 lines of code today added the manual and checklist to the new clipboard. Will be released this week.

Thanks again and have a good one,


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Good evening Josh,
sorry for wasting your time. You are right.
The “hide tablet option” works perfectly. It was my fault, something with the multi-computer-setup.

And what I always say, read the manual and remarks first. I did not read the release notes to the end and have not seen the new default commands. Now the lamps work again. I cover my head with ashes.

Yes I found and read your manual and your checklist (before my first flight with the 222). I just wish it was a little more detailed. But it does what it is supposed to do, I can take off, fly the helicopter and land. :blush:

Today I flew the SIAI Marchetti from JRollon in the network and there were also some small issues/differences with the cockpit of the master pc and the external visual. For example I had to switch on the avionics separately on the external visual while they were already running on the master.

In the next few days I will test in detail what the “differences in the cockpits” of master and external visual are on the 222 and post them here. Maybe you can then look over it once.
I am looking forward to the new 500 lines of code.

Have a nice evening.


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No problem Ronald!

Glad the few things are now working for you.

I didn’t realize you meant a more detailed manual, I just thought you couldn’t find it. This is something to consider.

Your multi PC setup intrigues me and I want to learn what it entails.

Thanks again and have fun,


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I just downloaded the newest update and I am impressed. Every time I think you can’t improve this helicopter any further, you prove me wrong. I know I’ve said this before, but seriously, I think you’ve got it this time. The only way to improve it now would be add chain guns and missiles, but then it would be Airwolf, wouldn’t it.
Love the new tie downs and the improved sounds. As always, when ever you put out an update, I go back and check my repaint to see if it can be improved, (for the record, it can, and I spent about an hour just moving some stripes down by something like 6 pixels on one side and 4 pixels on the other. They were off by just that much.) It also now comes in a much deeper, richer shade of dark green.


+1 on this
and 100% would buy “chain guns and missiles” mod if they develop it :slight_smile:



Thank you so much Dennis! I will continue to work on both of them. I plan on expanding the clipboard by adding more pages and functionality as well as other accessories and options next.

I love that livery! Very nice!

Thanks again,


Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. I went back again and added something to the stabilizers.

I think I’ve gotten this paint as far as I can take it. If I mess with it anymore, I’ll just mess it up. This is the final update to this repaint. I need to move on to other projects. Currently I’m building a 1/35th scale Huey II with a scratch built VIP interior at my modeling desk. (It didn’t take long to figure out why no one uses Huey’s as VIP helicopters. There’s a lot less room in the back than I thought there was.). I’ve uploaded the 222B and 222UT repaints to X-Plane org as my Christmas present to all. Best wishes and Happy Holidays from Sunset Arts LTD and Champlain Valley Air.

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That is beautiful and a perfect screenshot! I have to download that now. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

Happy Holidays!