222B v1 & 222UT v2 updates:

Wow! Very nice job on these two with the latest update. I used to fly the B model for a couple years on a part-time basis and you sure got it right from what I remember.

Having some issues with the collective in VR. Both models for me right now the throttle for #1 &#2 don’t work, along with many of the switches on the collective. This is with the VR Controllers on the Rift S. The throttles also don’t work when mapped to my X56 Hotas which they did in the previous version. This was all tested in a quick 15 minute flight so I haven’t had time to check many other things or try to fix that.

Weird stuff going on with 11.50r3 and VR. I can’t teleport outside of a couple other payware Helicopters but can do it just fine in yours.

Again, great job Josh on the graphics and the bird as a whole… Beautiful!!

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I am also experiencing an issue with “RPM INC” switch on the collective. Not in VR, but in general flying. I cannot move the twist grips as well. I just recently purchased the B version and I am bit upset that this issue is occurring.

@Zap921 Hey there! Thank you so much! I’m glad I got it close to what you remember. :slight_smile:

The issues in VR are for sure odd as I don’t have this issue at all. The only thing that should not work “correctly” in VR are the idle stops. The click noise is where they hit the stop but of course software cannot stop an actual hardware device from moving, so they work with a mouse. The VR controller will override the stop too if you twist too fast. I just listen for the click. When at that position then the idle stop switch needs to be activated to move past that point or things will get funny.

I’m assuming this is the problem you’re having. There are two switches, cable cut and auto trim, that don’t do anything yet. The code for all of this is exactly the same as the code from the very 1st release. So this is puzzling and a first for hearing about it. EDIT: 3 switches, the hoist power one too.

Most people get hung up on the idle stops and say the throttles are stuck, but they just didn’t read the manual. Since you have flown the real deal then I assume you already know this system. It’s replicated right out of the maintenance manual. Some pilots that have not flown the 222 even get hung up on this since the stops work going up and down and have a 5 second delay relay. I get a lot of those messages so I’m thinking about coding it to start at flight ready RPM.

Let me know if any of this clears up for you on the next flight since this is a little concerning.

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@Grizzy Hi there!

Thanks for purchasing and sorry you’re upset. The RPM inc/dec switch only bumps up throttle for a brief second and then settles back to the governor. This is default X-Plane datref behavior but is on the list of things to sort out. It should be able to bump up to 104% and stay there but that is not how X-Plane works when governed so I have to come up with code that works with my current throttle code to override this behavior.

I’m assuming that you cannot use the throttle twist grips because you have not unlocked them. Make sure to check over the manual as this system is detailed in there. The idle stop switch is located on the collective box. You need to unlock from idle going up or down. The system has a 5 second delay relay and then will stop at idle going up or down again.

Let me know if you get this sorted out please.



Well, I feel foolish now. I apologize for asking such a silly question when I didn’t even realize that I had over looked that. Whoops! Thank you for getting back with such a swift reply! I’ll go ahead and try it!

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@Grizzy No problem at all. Trust me, I would overlook this too since I’m guilty of starting with engines running on a lot of models out there. I guess it boils down to instant gratification for me LOL. With the 222s I got into the start up procedure since I had to recreate it from the maintenance and flight manuals. This opened up a new world for me as I now enjoy the start ups on some other aircraft in the sim. :slight_smile:

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I just bought the 222B on Wednesday, and also upgraded to the 222UT version 2, and I can officially say I am in love with the 222B. It’s become my favorite helicopter for X-Plane. Just tonight, I rushed home from work so I could spend an hour flying it. I love the sound, the feel, and the way it seems to auto trim when I set the autopilot to standby. (Not sure if that’s a thing or not but mine seems to do it and it makes flying the helicopter a bit easier.) I think being an old Airwolf fan has something to do with my feelings for this machine, but like I said, it’s become my fav. Thank you Josh. You did an amazing job with this one.