222B v1 & 222UT v2 updates:

Wow! Very nice job on these two with the latest update. I used to fly the B model for a couple years on a part-time basis and you sure got it right from what I remember.

Having some issues with the collective in VR. Both models for me right now the throttle for #1 &#2 don’t work, along with many of the switches on the collective. This is with the VR Controllers on the Rift S. The throttles also don’t work when mapped to my X56 Hotas which they did in the previous version. This was all tested in a quick 15 minute flight so I haven’t had time to check many other things or try to fix that.

Weird stuff going on with 11.50r3 and VR. I can’t teleport outside of a couple other payware Helicopters but can do it just fine in yours.

Again, great job Josh on the graphics and the bird as a whole… Beautiful!!

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I am also experiencing an issue with “RPM INC” switch on the collective. Not in VR, but in general flying. I cannot move the twist grips as well. I just recently purchased the B version and I am bit upset that this issue is occurring.

@Zap921 Hey there! Thank you so much! I’m glad I got it close to what you remember. :slight_smile:

The issues in VR are for sure odd as I don’t have this issue at all. The only thing that should not work “correctly” in VR are the idle stops. The click noise is where they hit the stop but of course software cannot stop an actual hardware device from moving, so they work with a mouse. The VR controller will override the stop too if you twist too fast. I just listen for the click. When at that position then the idle stop switch needs to be activated to move past that point or things will get funny.

I’m assuming this is the problem you’re having. There are two switches, cable cut and auto trim, that don’t do anything yet. The code for all of this is exactly the same as the code from the very 1st release. So this is puzzling and a first for hearing about it. EDIT: 3 switches, the hoist power one too.

Most people get hung up on the idle stops and say the throttles are stuck, but they just didn’t read the manual. Since you have flown the real deal then I assume you already know this system. It’s replicated right out of the maintenance manual. Some pilots that have not flown the 222 even get hung up on this since the stops work going up and down and have a 5 second delay relay. I get a lot of those messages so I’m thinking about coding it to start at flight ready RPM.

Let me know if any of this clears up for you on the next flight since this is a little concerning.

Thanks again,


@Grizzy Hi there!

Thanks for purchasing and sorry you’re upset. The RPM inc/dec switch only bumps up throttle for a brief second and then settles back to the governor. This is default X-Plane datref behavior but is on the list of things to sort out. It should be able to bump up to 104% and stay there but that is not how X-Plane works when governed so I have to come up with code that works with my current throttle code to override this behavior.

I’m assuming that you cannot use the throttle twist grips because you have not unlocked them. Make sure to check over the manual as this system is detailed in there. The idle stop switch is located on the collective box. You need to unlock from idle going up or down. The system has a 5 second delay relay and then will stop at idle going up or down again.

Let me know if you get this sorted out please.



Well, I feel foolish now. I apologize for asking such a silly question when I didn’t even realize that I had over looked that. Whoops! Thank you for getting back with such a swift reply! I’ll go ahead and try it!

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@Grizzy No problem at all. Trust me, I would overlook this too since I’m guilty of starting with engines running on a lot of models out there. I guess it boils down to instant gratification for me LOL. With the 222s I got into the start up procedure since I had to recreate it from the maintenance and flight manuals. This opened up a new world for me as I now enjoy the start ups on some other aircraft in the sim. :slight_smile:

Have a good one,


I just bought the 222B on Wednesday, and also upgraded to the 222UT version 2, and I can officially say I am in love with the 222B. It’s become my favorite helicopter for X-Plane. Just tonight, I rushed home from work so I could spend an hour flying it. I love the sound, the feel, and the way it seems to auto trim when I set the autopilot to standby. (Not sure if that’s a thing or not but mine seems to do it and it makes flying the helicopter a bit easier.) I think being an old Airwolf fan has something to do with my feelings for this machine, but like I said, it’s become my fav. Thank you Josh. You did an amazing job with this one.



Thank you so much!

I just noticed this message from you :slight_smile: keep your eyes peeled for the soon to come update including several updates/fixes and FMOD sound integration. I have been working on this for longer than expected but it will not be too long. Thanks again!


I can’t imagine what could possibly need updating on the 222B, but you’re the builder, I just fly it. I did give the pilot a trim on his beard though, (just for the fun of it.)
I like the black instrument panel a lot so that one has become my standard panel. I’m also a bit tech challenged so being able to lose the tablet helps. (I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to use it.) I’m getting a lot of practice lately, with shorter hours at work and all, so thanks again for building such a great helicopter.

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Thank you so much for the compliments! I have been working VERY long and hard hours and just about got the updates finished. This is a pretty big update and cannot wait to release it. I still have to make an email, update the website and files, get the change-log scratch paper in order and then it’s out. I am shooting for tonight, but last night I thought the same thing until I ran into some last minute stuff. If I get it done it will be within 5 hours so maybe I can get to bed by midnight tonight! hah

Have a good one!!


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Josh, just got done reading the change log (top to bottom) for v 2.10 and all I can say is thanks for your time and dedication to this helicopter. Looking forward to downloading the new version this weekend and taking her for a flight.

Keep up the awesome work,

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for the support! I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully I will have another update in about a month or so.

Have fun,



Bought the 2 heli package this week and I admit I love them both.
One of the reasons I could get it to start was “BelGeode” stream were he explained how to start the heli from cold and dark.
Both him and myself prefer to fly in VR and I’ll admit I appreciate your integration of VR they are
really a VR ready machines.

I would like to share few observations related to VR and the checklist (I might done something wrong, but I was able to reproduce the behavior in the two helis).

  • Engine did not start if I moved to VR from 2D, meaning, I had to set XP to VR once I reach the startup menu and then pick the Heli and start the checklist. If I start in 2D mode then changed to VR the following happened:
    During engine startup the RPM will just reach the 10-11% and won’t go over it when I slowly move the throttle to IDLE state. In worse cases the engine would just shutdown and won’t start again.
  • On the same idea, when such behavior occurred, I pressed the “abort start” button and tried to start ENG1 all over again, this time nothing happened, engine won’t spool.

In 2D mode, I had none of this issues during the startup checklist routine. Everything ran smooth using the checklist.

Other observations:

  • After Engines startup, we need to move the Throttle to full and wait for it to settle around ~96%. In my case it was settling in ~86%.
    [Edit 1]
  • I think that head height is too low, it should be a little bit higher, at least the top of the back of the chair. I understand I can fix this using the keyboard, but in VR I don’t want to use keyboard.
    [Edit 2]
  • Another request, please make the “on Cyclic” switches an off/on clickable in VR instead of moving up/done since when you seat you can easily bump the hand rest of the chair so the clickable switch makes it easier.

On my PC with the NVidia1080TI and 8700K CPU the helis flew smoothly, I think your last update modifications did the trick and one of the reasons I decided to buy these helis.

Thanks for two nice birds, I’ll continue flying them in VR and report back if I’ll find something else.


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Hi there and thank you for purchasing the helicopters! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed explanations, I will try to answer you questions and fix what I can.

I’ve not had an issue switching from VR to 2D. It sounds like the GENs or inverters were switched on before starting or the battery was run down. If the GENs or inverters are on before starting then the RPM will hang at 11% and the engine fails to start, same with low batteries. I juiced up the batteries a bit for this update, so I doubt it’s that. I will be testing this shortly.

For the engine run up it sounds like you missed the idle stop switch to unlock the throttle. After engine startup you open the throttle to idle where you hear the click and the throttle will stop moving. To move past that point you need to unlock the throttle from the idle stop. Sometimes in VR, if moving too fast, they will slide past the coding restraints but it rarely happens. The governor will not turn on until you get to 96% so the idle stop locking switches are what had to have been missed here.

VR head height is something I explain a lot and unfortunately not an easy fix as of right now. The problem is that everyone is a different height, has different hardware and initial height settings when configuring their own VR software. The XYZ coordinates entered into the VR config file are an average between all of those variables. If I set it up to be perfect for you or me then 10 other people will say it needs to be adjusted. So this is sadly different for every single user depending on their height and setup. It’s on the list to find a work around but this isn’t a solid setting that can be the same for everyone. Even I have to adjust the position every time I fly in VR since the average isn’t suitable for me. Notice that even if you’re moving your head around while loading then each time, depending on what way you’re looking, it will load in a different position.

I’m afraid I’m not comprehending the last suggestion you have about the “on cyclic” switches and what you want changed there. The force trim button or the regular hat trim switches on the cyclic? If so those are commands and cannot be changed or they won’t work for hardware.

Again thank you for the compliments and happy you like them.

I will be waiting to hear back from you.




I was testing and coding updates all night and tried to recreate the issue you were having with starting. I forgot to mention that if the fuel valves or primers are off then the engine will not start too. I know that is obvious to you but wanted to correct myself for anyone else reading this.

Depending on the circumstances things could get set or changed and not noticed. Doing a developer reload will change things too. Restarting a flight causes issues sometimes as well. So it’s best to start fresh every flight from starting the sim or from another aircraft.

Get back with me when you have time so I can make sure everything is working the way you like. Tonight I got a persistence file script ready to go, so in the next update all of your settings will always be saved for the next flight from your last flight. I’ve been testing it for about an hour now and it’s pretty cool and handy.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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Hey Josh. It’s me again. So, before I said I couldn’t imagine anything needing upgrading on your helicopter. Okay, I sit corrected. The new sound is awesome. Love it. With this new update, I’ve been going back over my repaint and fixing it up. If you have a great helicopter, you need a great repaint, right? So, I’ve been tweaking the texture files, going down to the individual pixels, (I might be officially OCD by this point,) and making sure any text on the helicopter is actually legible when viewed up close, making sure my lines all match up, keeping door hinges out of the way of lines, etc… You know how it goes, I’m sure. Anyway, great helicopter, and it looks awesome in green. Thanks again from the unofficial home of Champlain Valley Air, home of the green choppers.

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@Dennis The pleasure is mine! I can relate to the OCD. I bet a quarter of my time is used up by it! HAHHAH Have fun!


Thanks for the update and clarifications.
I did a test flight today and all worked as expected, I started clean in VR with no surprises.
[edit 1] Even the RPM % was correct :grin:
I think the root cause might be me doing plane reload and plugin reloads since I was testing my plugin too (Mission-X).

Regarding the height, it is not a big dill I just crouch a little in the seat and “re-center” VR position.

I’m afraid I’m not comprehending the last suggestion you have about the “on cyclic” switches

I meant all the off/on switches on the cyclic, like the “force trim”.

Thanks for all your support, still getting use to the heli, first one I prefer to start cold and dark (great checklist).

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First I have to say, that the Cowan 222 is an excellent helicopter and I enjoy it very much. Thank you for it.
I am flying the Bell 222B V2.20 with windows 10 and I have noticed a few things:

  • Some buttons can not be bound (anymore) to my Thrustmaster HOTAS. For example Search light on/off/stow and Auto Trim engage.
  • The remembering aircraft configurations tablet since V2.20 is nice but it does not remember the hide tablet option.
  • Sometimes the digits of the radios and some parts of the screens of the garmins are diaphanous, so I can see the ground thru.
  • A good manual would be nice, as I can not find a POH for the Bell 222 somewhere.
  • An advanced “problem”: when I fly the 222 in a multi-computer-network I have always wrong warnings on the annunciation panel of the external visual during everything is fine on the annunciation panel of the master pc.
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@TailDragger Hi there! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The command changes are noted in the change-log. there may be more in the future as well, but they will always be noted in the change-log. The search light commands were combined into one on/off toggle command instead of two separate on/off commands. This was requested by several people and makes sense, since the switches are actually one switch, they should be for hardware as well. It’s just a matter of remapping them.

Thank you for the heads up on the hide tablet not saving for next flight. That is something I didn’t notice and could be a typo in the code. I will get on that tomorrow so it’s fixed in this weeks update.

I’m not sure what the bug is with the translucent lines or numbers. It’s very random and linked to the default code for those couple devices. I will be checking this out tomorrow too. It’s hard to replicate but I will try my best to get that bug squashed, as rare as it is.

There is a good manual in PDF format that can be found in the “manuals” folder in the main directory of the package. There are full checklists in PDF format as well. The folder is “MANUALS” in all caps. This can also be accessed using the tablet if you navigate to manuals, then you can view them right in the sim.

As far as the advanced problem goes, I don’t fully understand or know your exact setup. Two instances of X-Plane I assume? The scripts are solid and wont change when running on one machine, or even 10. It sounds like the scripts aren’t running on one machine and thus the haywire everything. The same thing will happen if I accidentally bug a script. Everything goes haywire because most of the animations require the custom code. So anything not default X-Plane datarefs will not display correctly. The 222s are miles past default.

But… My brain tells me that one PC is running the aircraft, scripts and all, then the other is there to view what the master PC is dishing out. I can see this causing issues. How does this work with other aircraft?

For replays, X-Plane only saves so much data so panels and some animations will do funny things or not replay at all. Again I’m not familiar with your unique setup so my suggestions are limited here. My assumptions could be way off or I’m just not understanding how networking the sim works. I’ve never done it. I have networking experience but not with X-Plane. I will be studying networking X-Plane for this reason now. :grinning:

Thank for the compliments and heads up. The broken will be fixed. Have fun.


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