222 XP12 Soon(tm)?

Is the XP12 update for the 222 imminent? Or with the announcement of MSFS editions of the fleet, has this now taken a backseat?

Enquiring minds need to know :slightly_smiling_face:

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It will be happening. XPlane (Laminar Research) themselves are what slowed me down. The beta and early versions now.

Once they quit with the brilliant idea of tinkering with engines then it will get serious. They were messing with engine data without mentioning anything in release notes or even their own work group. That ruined my code not once but twice. I said what I had to say but I assume Austin is messing with his default plane and that messes with all of us. Even though most wont notice it, the way I code my governor we do notice, in a big way. That is very fine tuning and tinkering ruins it. So I put everything on hold until they make up their mind. That being said, it won’t be long. I do have money invested in MSFS for the 500E and that needs some attention first. By then XP should be good to go. This winter yet.

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